Week 6 Waterpolo program

Welcome to the week 6 episode. In this week’s workout your entire body will be worked and challenged. 

We stepped it up a notch this week as I want to test and train the entire body and develop strength along with balance and co-ordination. 

Like always we start with some really funky mobility drills to unlock those HIPS and T-SPINE. We then move onto our main set which consists of two main blocks. 

Set 1: 3 Movements (Complete 3 rounds in total)

Set 2: 3 Movements (Complete 3 rounds in total)

Let us know what you think, It’s a workout you wouldn’t have done before. This session is suitable for all positions within the pool.

When it comes to waterpolo we need to think outside the box of normal and put our selves in un-comfortable positions and get comfortable with being un-comfortable.



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