Real people + Real stories.

Our goal is to get as many people in this world fit, active, feeling amazing and living longer. Our online training platform and holistic approach allows us to achieve this mission.

Belinda Dowsett

“I can say I have never been fitter or stronger in my entire life. The change/results are extraordinary and difficult to put into words. I have succeeded in losing 15 kgs of weight and have literally transformed my body shape. “

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David Carter

“I have realised how important it is to keep up my fitness and have that time to look after myself!”

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Adrienne Dakhoul

“He’s made me feel like superwoman. H.FIT has proven to be a safe place for me when it comes to mental health. This will be the best addition to your life!”

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Emma O’Brien

“Start! Hollistic is not just an exercise class, it’s a total wellbeing shift. It’s my self-care. I’m stronger, happier and healthier because of H.FIT.”

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Charlotte Allan and Harriet Allan

Two years of consistent training has helped me shed 10kgs, I feel stronger than I have in years. Locky puts in a lot of effort into each session. The variety of the program is also something I love, you never get bored!

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