He’s made me feel like superwoman. H.FIT has proven to be a safe place for me when it comes to mental health. This will be the best addition to your life!

Adrienne Dakhoul

Occupation: Marketing

Age: 25

Time spent with H.FIT: 2 Years

Why did you reach out to us? 

I needed to be challenged and disciplined with my fitness. I also wanted to have more control over my health in regard to creating lasting healthy habits. Hearing from Clare’s experiences with Locky I knew H.FIT would provide exactly what I was looking for. 

What change/Results have you noticed since training with H.FIT.. (Could be physical, emotional or Mental)

Gosh, where do I start! First and foremost my strength has grown in ways I never thought possible. It’s an addictive achievement in the most positive way. Coming into to this there are obvious aesthetic changes you want to see but being strong has been the most exciting change. I have never been more focused and committed to eating well and making the workouts count. Of course there are times where it’s not perfect but always striving for better is something Locky has taught me.

Locky is amazing and so patient when it comes to helping with mental or emotional barriers. He’s made me feel like superwoman after a 7k run and a 24kg KB swing but also supportive in the low moments too. Sweat, tears and pain are all part of it but I’m learning to build discipline, mental barriers and never give up.

Have you had any obstacles within your life? 

During my time training with H.FIT I have been through many ups and downs in my life. Anxiety and self-doubt are issues I deal with. Continuously learning to combat these things especially during a workout has been the biggest challenge. H.FIT has proven to be a safe place for me when it comes to mental health. 

A note/Tip to those who are thinking about joining the H.FIT community?

This will be the best addition to your life! You will be pushed to try new things and if you are willing to put the effort in you will be amazed at the changes. The H.FIT family is so welcoming and encouraging, you want to do well to make yourself and the team proud! When working out doesn’t feel like a chore,(even when Locky has me up at the crack of dawn) that’s when you’ve got it right!

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