Dayna and Mihkel Wilding

Occupation: Art coordinator, Lawyer

Age: 36, 37

Time spent with H.FIT: 6 months

Why did you reach out to us?

We were feeling sluggish and felt our bodies were getting old on us! We wanted to lose a bit of weight, tone up and feel better about entering our 40’s!

What change/Results have you noticed since training with H.FIT: 

We are both more positive during the day, particularly the days that we train. We have toned up and lost body fat in stubborn areas.

Have you had any obstacles within your lives?

Dayna has had Cushings disease caused by an adrenal tumour. This was draining and stressful, both physically and emotionally.

A note/Tip to those who are thinking about joining the H.FIT community?

It is a great team who are like minded. All ages blend together and have the same goal and a very motivating mindset. They are friendly and accomodating.

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