Sydney H.FIT

Locky Hollis

Aus. College of Physical Education: Diploma in fitness
Elite athlete for over 15 years 

Locky has been an elite athlete for over 15 years and plays in the Australian men’s waterpolo team. Locky has been coaching collectively for over 12 years and has vast knowledge within the fitness industry. He has a 3 year fitness degree and is very passionate about helping people. He has turned his tribulations into motivation and loves helping educate others how to become their best through the life lessons he has learnt.His unique approach allows for a fun but challenging workout. Good trainers are hard to find, look no further


UNSW Bachelor in Education Major in Dance
Breathe education pilates certified

Sarah is a highly qualified and experienced pilates instructor and dance teacher. Sarah has vast knowledge in movement, biomechanics and pilates. She has been teaching movement collectively for over 10 years. Sarah is very driven and loves to help others find their flow and improve their alignment, balance and strength through her significant understanding of the human body.

Personal Training

Keep your health and fitness goals on the right track with our highly qualified personal trainer. We would love to help you achieve your goals, allowing you to ultimately become your best! This unique training experience will ensure that you get the most out of every single session and will ensure that you reach your goals in a safe, fun, encouraging and private training environment.

Train from your house or train in a location that is convenient to you. We are fully equipped and have all the equipment you could ever imagine. Our mobile training facility allows us to deliver personal trainers and fitness to your front door.

Group Training

Train with us in a fun, encouraging and challenging group fitness environment. Our group classes provide an effective workout for all fitness levels. These sessions can get amended so anybody is able to train regardless of your fitness and strength level. We are here to help, not humiliate or discourage you.

During these classes we use, dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, ropes, TRX trainers, and weight plates. If your looking to improve overall fitness, increase performance and get into shape this is a great option for you!

Programs that are truly changing lives, now it’s time to change yours!

Lose weight, lean up, get stronger, gain confidence and burn fat from anywhere in the world. Transform your life like so many other H.FITERS have thanks to our unique program.

I can say I have never been fitter or stronger in my entire life. The change/results are extraordinary and difficult to put into words. I have succeeded in losing 15 kgs of weight and have literally transformed my body shape.
This has changed my life in a truly spectacular way. Locky is not only a genuinely good person but has helped me to lose over 85kgs

We offer personal training, group training and Pilates classes. Sydneysiders looking for classes can book a session.

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