Locky is not only a genuinely good person but has helped me to lose over 85kgs!

Clare Chenery

Time spent with H.FIT: 4 years

Why did you reach out to us?

I have been a client & friend of Locky’s (& H-FIT) for over 4 years now & have recommended him/them to anyone who is looking for a truly wonderful Personal Trainer. 

My good opinion has been well earned as Locky, is not only a genuinely good person but has also helped me to lose over 85kgs in that time & therefore achieve some monumental improvements in my life, health & well being. 

This has changed my life in a truly spectacular way. We achieved this due to an exceptional combination of tough but clever training along with genuine support & care. I am very lucky to have found such a well informed, experienced & kind trainer that can, & will, continue to challenge my ongoing fitness goals. He was never afraid of my at times difficult (& potentially dangerous) medical condition, which had scared off trainers in the past, in fact he has taken the time to better understand it & therefore me. And this, in my opinion, is a particularly rare but fantastic quality, & has helped to build a lot of trust. 

The H-FIT community is one of inclusiveness & encouragement. They make fitness fun & this makes the effort of exercise & training easy, fun & rewarding.. Therefore, I will be training with Locky for as long as he’ll have me because I am of the firm belief that both my training (which I love) along with my overall physical well being & the related life challenges could not be in any better hands.

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