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The FINAL Episode #12

Episode 12 (The final session) Episode 12 from 12. This is the final clip for the WPA X H.FIT Collab. I’ve really enjoyed this

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Episode 11 Rotation matters! If you play a rotational based sport which requires twisting and changes in direction like waterpolo, surfing and specific throwing sports..

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Week 10 Program

Week 10 Episode Welcome to the week 10 Episode. In this weeks program we are based on the mat doing some crutial waterpolo movements

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Week 9 Performance program Ever wondered what the perfect waterpolo gym program looks like? Don’t worry, I’m with you. There is a lot of science

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Week 8 Program

Week 8 Full Body program WEEK 8 PROGRAM: Before you consider how often you move, please consider how well you move. This mat based program

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Week 6 Workout

Week 6 Waterpolo program Welcome to the week 6 episode. In this week’s workout your entire body will be worked and challenged. We stepped it

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Week 5 program

Week 5 Bodyweight Workout Week 5 Home Waterpolo Bodyweight program. In this program we run through some excellent mobility movements which will help with

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WEEK 3 HOME WATERPOLO PROGRAM Session Description Week 3 COVID-19 Home waterpolo program. This week we focus on ball skills and overhead work. Waterpolo is

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