Episode 11

Rotation matters!

If you play a rotational based sport which requires twisting and changes in direction like waterpolo, surfing and specific throwing sports.. training with ROTATION really MATTERS!

Why train in one plane of motion (Forward and back) when in life and in sport we need to be 4 dimensional athletes…(Forward, reverse, Lateral: LEFT & RIGHT)

Being a 4D athlete requires a special program which encompasses some key movements. Rotation is one of those key movements! In this episode I work on the TRANSVERSE PLANE of MOTION. There is lots of twisting and rotating going on which mimics the style of play we encounter in the pool. This program should help with your performance and should get your moving more efficiently and effectively.  

Give the workout a go:

  • Warm up: 5 mins 
  • SET 1 ( 3 movements : Complete 3 – 4 rounds)
  • SET 2 (2 movements : Complete 2 – 3 rounds)

If you have any questions, please contact me: hollisticfit@gmail.com 

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