Week 9 Performance program

Ever wondered what the perfect waterpolo gym program looks like? Don’t worry, I’m with you.

There is a lot of science and research invested into higher profile sports and programs and it seems waterpolo S&C (Strength and conditioning) coaches follow the mainstream methods and programs despite waterpolo being one of a kind sport.

This program may not be the answer to the million dollar questions.. What gym program is best for waterpolo athletes.. However, it will open your eyes to a new style of training.


This is what we have done. We select a muscle group, then super set it with a three peat process (3 times through). This method will overload the muscle group and will also provide a well rounded, functional athlete as it mimics the efforts and ever changing energy systems which is required throughout a game of polo.

Exercise 1: Create and generate strength via LOADED TRADITIONAL MOVEMENT

Exercise 2: Transition that strength into UNLOADED EXPLOSIVE EXERCISES

Exercise 3: Help promote that strength and power into MOBILITY Via functional exercises

Give it a go and let us know if it helps with you performance in the pool. After all, this is what this program is all about; Helping you get back in the pool in a healthy and fit state, therefore improving your athletic ability within waterpolo.

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