Week 5 Bodyweight Workout

Week 5 Home Waterpolo Bodyweight program.

In this program we run through some excellent mobility movements which will help with your overhead range, internal and external shoulder range of motion. We then move into our bodyweight program which covers a wide range of muscles and movements.

Complete each exercise for 40 seconds followed by a 20 second rest. For Advanced athletes and trainers complete a total of 5 rounds. For beginner and intermediate trainers complete 3-4 rounds in total.

The best part about this week’s program is that everyone should be able to complete it. You can do it anywhere around the world, all you will need is a ball, broom stick or towel.

We hope you enjoy this bodyweight program as much as we did. If you have any questions or want further assistance, please contact me and I’ll be happy to assist.



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