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Week 3 COVID-19 Home waterpolo program.

This week we focus on ball skills and overhead work. Waterpolo is a unique sport which requires lots of overhead work, rotating, extending and skill. This circuit will improve your ball skills, eggbeater kick, condition the shoulders and get the heart rate up fairly high.

If you don’t have a pool, don’t stress! I have incorporated some dry land alternatives to ensure you stay active and fit.


* Dynamic warm up (Use week 1
Program as a guide)

* Main set: 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off Three rounds in total

* Abdominal finisher: 40s on, 20s rest two rounds in total.

Program best suited for driver position. Can also benefit for center forward or center back.

Note: I was using a 2kg medicine ball against the KAP7 rebound bed. For beginners use a Waterpolo ball or tennis ball. The focus should be on great technique, not throwing/lifting heavy.

 A strong athlete with poor technique won’t be a strong athlete for long.

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