Week 7 Foam roller + DB Session

Welcome to the episode 7 of the Home Waterpolo training series.

In this week’s program we use a foam roller to really test the balance of ourselves. We also use a set of heavier dumbbells and put together a home edition to complete some Horizontal rows.


Warm up: mobility drills

Main set:

  1. Set 1: 3 movements: 30sec on 15s rest
  2. Set 2: 3 movements: 30sec on 15s rest

For each of these sets follow the guide below.

  • Beginners complete 2 rounds of each set
  • Intermediate complete 3 rounds of each set
  • Advanced trainers complete 4 rounds of each set

Goodluck with this week’s program. If you have just come across these workouts we suggest you start from week 1 and work through each episode as we work within the progression structure.

For questions or assistance email: hollisticfit@gmail.com

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