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We also offer personal training, group training and Pilates classes. Sydneysiders looking for classes can book a session.

Personal Training

Keep your health and fitness goals on the right track with our highly qualified personal trainer. We would love to help you achieve your goals, allowing you to ultimately become your best! This unique training experience will ensure that you get the most out of every single session and will ensure that you reach your goals in a safe, fun, encouraging and private training environment.


Pilates is a program that works to align, lengthen and strengthen the entire body. In our program Pilates helps you to have the freedom of movement; to be able to twist, turn, bend and stretch without causing injury.

In our H.FIT pilates classes we focus on isolating muscle groups and strengthening our core stabilisers whilst developing balance, coordination and strength. Most of the Pilates repertoire is based on our pilates mat, using body weight as the perfect resistance. However, our pilates ball, ring, bands and dumbbells are often used to assist with an extra burn!

What is so great about pilates is that it is good for overall health and wellness. You will leave a pilates workout feeling certain muscles in your body that you weren't aware that you had! Our programs are fun and challenging. You will be feeling the burn long after the session is over. Join Sarah on the Pilates Mat.

Group Training

Train with us in a fun, encouraging and challenging group fitness environment. Our group classes provide an effective workout for all fitness levels. These sessions can get amended so anybody is able to train regardless of your fitness and strength level. We are here to help, not humiliate or discourage you.

During these classes we use, dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, ropes, TRX trainers, and weight plates. If your looking to improve overall fitness, increase performance and get into shape this is a great option for you!

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